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Matt Abbott on Driving Growth for South West Ecommerce Brands

Taking to the floor at April’s Ecommerce Unlocked conference will be Swanky’s UK Head of Growth, Matt Abbott! Alongside Doron Taub, UK Customer Success Team Lead at Dynamic Yield, he’ll be delving into the must-have mindset of the modern ecommerce manager, talking all things testing and optimisation.

We caught up with Matt to find out a bit about his colourful background in ecommerce and the trends he thinks will shape the industry this year.

Matt Abbott, Head of Growth at Swanky UK.

So Matt, first off, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your background in ecommerce?

I’ve worked in ecommerce for a number of years managing high profile accounts and consulting with some of the UK’s leading brands. My experience includes running disciplined growth strategies through the use of CRO programmes, personalisation campaigns, performance marketing propositions and consulting on loyalty — all of which have been underpinned by a deep understanding of the customer.

And what about the brands you've worked with in the past, particularly any big names in the South West?

I have managed commercially prioritised, international CRO programmes for the likes of IWG (Regus) and AMC Theatres, and I have consulted with a number of retail and lead generation organisations such as WHSmith, HomeServe & The Economist.

A bit closer to home I have worked with FunkyPigeon.com, Cult Pens and ProDirect on customer insight and growth strategies. I have also worked extensively with the University of Exeter on their digital transformation programme.

Are there any hot topics you think will shape the ecommerce industry this year?

One of the hot topics of the moment is bespoke and innovative subscription models. By creating flexible subscriptions that give consumers greater access to exclusive benefits, product offers, and free delivery (aka, rewarding loyal customers) and greater control over their order quantity, frequency and basket size, companies will have much more confidence in increasing their customer retention rate and lifetime value.

The rapid growth of the subscription market over the past few years reflects consumer shopping habits and the relationship they want with businesses — 2020 will be the year smart businesses capitalise on this opportunity.

Part of the subscription flow from one of Swanky’s recent projects, on the Friction Free Shaving site. Image: Swankyagency.com

Why do you think South West brands should be excited about Ecommerce Unlocked coming to Exeter?

This is a great opportunity to connect with and learn from some of the South West’s most successful businesses. In an increasingly connected digital world, we sometimes forget to look at the great success stories we have on our doorstep. Ecommerce Unlocked will be a great opportunity to find out how our neighbours have grown their businesses.

Thanks Matt! We look forward to hearing more from you and Doron on the Ecommerce Unlocked stage as you discuss the must-have mindset for driving ecommerce growth.

Hurry, grab your ticket for Ecommerce Unlocked: South West before it's too late!