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Online Retail Goes Green at Ecommerce Unlocked

In this blog post, we’re exploring how the organisers of Ecommerce Unlocked, leading Shopify Plus agency Swanky, are prioritising sustainability throughout the event, from the marketing materials they’re using to the contents of delegates’ goodie bags!

Let’s catch up with Swanky’s Content Executive, Hannah Dickson, to find out more ...

At Swanky, we’re committed to delivering sustainable ecommerce solutions and are proud to be a carbon neutral agency.

Earlier this year, we signed up to Ecologi, an environmental activist organisation who partners with climate projects all over the world to offset carbon emissions. Since January 2021, we’ve planted 5,138 trees across Madagascar, Mozambique and Scotland, offsetting over 370 tonnes of CO2e by contributing to climate projects in Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Thailand, Colombia and several other locations.

Photo credit: Eden Reforestation Projects and Ecologi

It’s hard to believe that digital has an environmental impact of its own, but recent reports have proven that each and every email sent carries an average carbon footprint of 4g of CO2e, rising to a staggering 50g with attachments1!

And when it comes ecommerce, the negative environmental effects extend beyond carbon emissions, with today’s level of consumption creating billions of pounds worth of landfill waste.

With this in mind, we are devoted to making our upcoming Ecommerce Unlocked event carbon neutral, if not carbon positive, and are taking several steps to achieve this goal:

#1 No single-use plastic

We're doing all we can to eliminate single-use plastic at the event, including cutlery and drinks containers which will all of course be recyclable. Even our goodie bags (“Swag Bags”) are single-use plastic free!

#2 Sustainably sourced materials

From leaflets to badges, posters to product stands, wherever possible we have gone for sustainably sourced materials, including recycled paper brochures.

#3 Offsetting carbon through Ecologi

In partnership with Ecologi, we’ve worked out the carbon footprint of the event and are making a further donation to compensate by funding climate projects all over the world.

Photo credit: Eden Reforestation Projects and Ecologi

#4 Donating to Devon Wildlife Trust

To protect our local countryside, we are helping Devon Wildlife Trust respond to the current Ash Dieback crisis which is predicted to affect or kill over 90% of ash trees across Devon’s wooded landscapes. As well as donating to their replanting programme, Saving Devon’s Treescapes Project, Swanky will be screening the charity’s latest video to spread awareness.

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[1] https://carbonliteracy.com/the-carbon-cost-of-an-email/