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Ecommerce Unlocked Masterclasses Are Open For Booking!

This September, we’re bringing together retailers, technology vendors and industry experts for a full day of networking, keynotes and masterclasses as we host the largest ecommerce conference in the South West.

We have an expert line-up of masterclass host ready and raring to go, who’ll be covering a wide range of topics, including optimisation, marketing and digital growth, internationalisation, and more. This is your chance to deep-dive into the topics that interest you most, with tips, advice and first-hand learnings from experts who really know their stuff!

Read on to find out more about the exciting masterclasses on offer. You can book up to 4 masterclasses (1 from each session) as part of your Ecommerce Unlocked ticket.

Session 1: 13:15-13:45

10 Tips On How to Balance Automation & Personalisation to Drive Sales

Hosted by Louis Lavedan, Senior Strategic Partner Manager EMEA of Gorgias

Research has shown that 80% of shoppers value personalized communication with customer support. However, 90% prefer immediate response to their requests and comments. The question is: How do you balance automation and personalization when communicating with customers? Automation Balance is the Key. As artificial intelligence & machine learning continues to weave its way into eCommerce, brands who hop on this trend can reduce their response and resolution times to scale as they grow with great service. Personalized customer experience has always been a path to maintain strong customer relationships. Shoppers are likely to come back to a business that knows your orders and recommends the right solutions.

This session is a workshop for brands who want to get an unfair advantage over the competition and learn how famous brands like Steve Madden, Timbuk2 and RadioShack are already balancing automation with personalization to consistently drive cross-sell and upsell opportunities across their channels every day. Here’s what you will learn: How to balance automation with personalization & no more manual replies to 'WISMO', How first response times increase conversions, retention, and customer LTV, How to scale personalized communication with your customers. Join this session to find out how Swanky and Gorgias help merchants connect with shoppers and help them with purchasing decisions to boost sales.

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Your Ecommerce Store

Hosted by Krissie Leyland, Co-Founder of MindfulCommerce, and Cat Hunter, Marketing Manager at MindfulCommerce

71% of consumers prefer buying from brands aligned with their values. This masterclass will provide you with easy to follow steps and ideas to help make your ecommerce business more sustainable and positively impactful!

Making your Business Future-Proof

Hosted by Shiv Patel, Retail Ambassador at Shopify

Constantly changing technology, increasing competition, and changes in consumer behavior create both challenges and opportunities for brick-and-mortar retailers. Ultimately, the forward-thinking retailers that put customers first are the ones that find the most success. This session will focus on showcasing how similar Merchants have grown their online and brick & mortar businesses by leveraging an omnichannel experience.

Session 2: 14:00-14:30

Masterclass by Webtrends Optimize

Info coming soon!

Community Matters: The Hidden ROI of an Active Customer Community

Hosted by Kasia Migas, Senior Partnerships Manager / Jordan Bourchier-Lee, Senior Partnerships Manager at LoyaltyLion

Using new research, LoyaltyLion is giving a Masterclass on the different personas that exist within a customer community and how to identify the status of your own. You’ll leave knowing whether you’re nurturing a thriving customer community of highly valuable customers or investing time and effort in a customer base that’s not delivering much in return. Join this session to understand how to build a highly engaged customer community that drives sustainable growth.

Combatting the Cookiepocalypse & Growing Conversion Rates with Zero-Party Data

Hosted by Ben Parr, President & Co-Founder of Octane AI

Online stores are experiencing a conversion rate crisis because data privacy rules are changing and third-party cookies are going away. Marketers behind ecommerce brands need a new strategy: zero-party data. In this talk, Ben Parr will explain what zero-party data is, its importance in today’s highly competitive DTC environment and how marketers can create a powerful conversion engine around this emerging data strategy.

Session 3: 14:45-15:15

Hitting the Mark: Inspiration from 100 Global Retail Brands

Hosted by Gavin Laugenie, Head of Strategy and Insight at Dotdigital

To mark our twentieth anniversary, we aimed to produce a report that offered more insight than ever before. As a result, we discovered the impressive steps brands around the world are taking to improve their customer experience. But we also found that a lot of brands were failing at the last hurdle, preventing them from having a completely customer-centric strategy. We want to show you the channels, integrations, and tactics you can adopt to make the CX dream a reality.

Fireside chat: The Board Basement – Exceptionally Efficient Delivery

Hosted by Mike Hayers, Country Manager (UK) at Shipstation

Hear how Exeter-based online snowboarding retailer The Board Basement has optimised and streamlined their in-house fulfilment – from increased packing efficiency to intelligent carrier service selection – resulting in a greater customer delivery experience.

Going global: 5 steps to accelerate your international expansion

Hosted by Emily Youldon - SME Partnerships - EMEA / Marion Chomse - Growth & Marketing - EMEA

With the rise of the digital economy, accelerated by the unprecedented year that 2020 was, retail as we know it is no longer bound to physical stores or borders. Consumer behaviour has taken a permanent shift towards eCommerce, with cross-boarder expected to grow at 19% in 2021. This global opportunity presents a core growth leaver that eCommerce businesses must embrace.

Global brands are paving the way with innovative products and a nimble team but at Airwallex, we believe that building a global customer base is no longer restricted to 'big brands' with endless revenue to spend. Instead, businesses should be given the tools to reach new customer segments from day one.

Airwallex are excited to be delivering a masterclass to help businesses assess each new market expansion and then enter it successfully. By taking learnings from inspirational brands, we'll help you drive your business into the digital era.

Subscription Masterclass: This is the future of commerce

Hosted by Ryan Forster, Partner Manager EMEA

Now more than ever, subscriptions are a huge part of people’s daily lives.

As the fastest growing area in commerce, subscriptions hold exciting opportunities to build a community of customers who share your values.

Proudly powering some of the most successful subscription brands today serving over 35 million subscribers in more than 180 countries recharge are subscription experts.

Learn how to quickly enable subscription offers, increase customer lifetime value & customer engagement, reduce customer churn and boost brand loyalty in a subscription masterclass

Session 4: 15:30-16:00

It’s 2021. And You Still Think Payments Only Matter at the Point of Checkout?

Hosted by Rob Beattie, Commercial Manager at Klarna

Contrary to common perception, great payment experiences don’t just happen at the point of checkout— they are a holistic part of the customer journey. This masterclass will look at how to make the most of a BNPL partnership beyond the checkout to drive customer acquisition, retention and loyalty.

Partnering with Klarna does more than just add another BNPL option to your checkout. It’s the first step to driving customer acquisition and retention, paving the way for long lasting loyalty that will safeguard and create future growth.

Optimising Product Discovery: Klevu in Conversation with Seasalt

Hosted by Mairaid Harte, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Klevu, and Tim Ryan, Director of Ecommerce at Seasalt

Retailers with poor performing search engines are losing out on up to 8 million a year. Seasalt are utilising Klevu's AI Product Discovery Suite to connect their customers with the products they're looking for.

Klevu drives growth and improves conversion by making every ecommerce experience personal. By connecting customers to relevant products, they are 3 - 5 times more likely to purchase. More than 30% of online shoppers “bounce” if they can’t quickly and easily find what they are looking for online. Find out how you can improve Product Discovery online.

The Importance of an End to End Customer Experience Strategy

Hosted by Stuart Pick, Vice President of Global Alliances at Brightpearl

The cost of acquiring a new customer for the average ecommerce business has doubled in the last 5 years. We’ve reached a point where most online businesses barely break-even on the first sale to a new customer - when the true cost of acquisition is taken into account. It’s imperative that merchants think about the long-term value of the customers they’re acquiring, and how they ensure subsequent sales happen. Nail the post purchase experience, and you’ll positively increase customer lifetime value, through added loyalty and repeat customers, higher average order values and more frequent purchases.

So, what are you waiting for? Book onto your favourite masterclasses now!

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