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Gorgias’ Louis Lavedan Talks Personalised Customer Support

As an ecommerce retailer, you’ll know just how important customer service is to your business. Provide excellent service, and you’ll soon build up a loyal following of satisfied shoppers who spend more and share the love. Provide bad customer service, and you risk your reputation ending up in tatters and shoppers flocking elsewhere. With customer acquisition costs higher than ever, and ecommerce competition ramping up by the day, you simply can’t afford to get your customer service wrong.

One person who’s certainly no stranger to the importance of customer service is Louis Lavedan, Senior Strategic Partner Manager EMEA at leading ecommerce helpdesk Gorgias.

We caught up with Louis to talk about the benefits of personalised customer support, tips for navigating the wider ecommerce landscape, and what we can expect as he hosts his first Ecommerce Unlocked masterclass ...

First off, please could you tell us a bit about Gorgias and the services you provide?

Sure, Gorgias is a leading helpdesk for Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce merchants, which enables retailers to manage all of their customer communication and tickets in one unified platform (including email, social media, SMS, live chat and phone). It’s powered with machine learning to automate up to 25% of commonly asked questions, and seamlessly integrates with existing tech stacks to deliver better customer support. It's also built to help you turn your customer service into a revenue generator.

Why is personalised customer support so important for ecommerce brands in today's retail landscape?

Personalised support is critical for ecommerce brands today as your customers expect a seamless experience across all channels, and it creates a human connection that increases retention. Your customers shouldn't have to repeat themselves and provide their information every time they reach out, as it's time consuming and can make them feel like just another ticket number. That's why Gorgias has deep integrations with ecommerce platforms so that first names and order information is all there right beside every customer ticket, making it easy to create a personalised experience for each customer.

Recognising your customers across all platforms also helps create a sense of community and belonging, which is more important today than ever before, as customers want to buy from brands that they align with.

What are the benefits for merchants of having a holistic view of their customers?

By having a holistic view of customer data, merchants are able to personalise their replies, recognise loyal customers, and resolve questions quickly. As mentioned before, personalising replies so that your customer feels seen and heard will change their perception of your brand and help create loyal customers. It's the same as if you are a regular at a coffee shop - if when you first walk in, you're greeted with a smile and someone knowing your first name, it creates a welcoming community.

By recognising loyal customers with a holistic view, your team can adapt responses to ensure they feel valued. For example, using Gorgias your team can see how much this person has spent with your store and what they've ordered before, so you can adapt your response to thank them for their support and potentially reward them with a discount code on their next order. This is so important for merchants, as loyal customers are 9X more likely to convert compared to a first time shopper.

You can also use this information to resolve questions quickly. One of the most common questions merchants see is "Where is my order?". With an integrated helpdesk, you can use machine learning to detect the intent of those questions, and use automation to reply, automatically pulling in their first name, order number and tracking link. This saves your team valuable time to focus on customer questions that need a human touch.

What's the most important bit of advice you'd give to a bricks-and-mortar retailer who's just starting out with an ecommerce store?

Re-create your bricks-and-mortar customer experience online through your store. By taking the time to set up a customer support strategy at every point of the buying purchase online, you'll help ensure that your online customers receive the same supportive experience that they'd have in real life. For example, set up live chat on your site and proactively ask customers if they have any questions, so they know you're there to help.

We've seen a huge acceleration in the growth of ecommerce as a result of the Covid pandemic. What can retailers do to try and differentiate their brand from the competition in today's market?

Excellent customer support is a brand differentiator. If your customers (and new customers) know you're there to help and stand behind your product with service, then you'll create a loyal customer base that tells their friends and family about you. Some key metrics to track to ensure you're providing excellent customer support include first response times, resolution times, and one-touch tickets.

Are there any ecommerce trends you think we should watch out for during the rest of 2021?

One trend we've seen really take off is SMS marketing for ecommerce brands. If you’re using SMS, or plan on using it, to communicate with your customers, ensure you have the right tools in place to reply back to customers quickly and personally, as it's a very 1:1 channel.

We’re delighted that Gorgias are supporting our very first Ecommerce Unlocked event! You're hosting a masterclass all about balancing automation and personalisation when communicating with customers. What will people learn if they sign up to attend?

It can be tricky to find the balance between efficiency and personalisation in customer service. On one hand, you want to ensure you reply to your customers quickly, as many customers expect an almost immediate response online. But in some scenarios, it might be better to take the extra few minutes to resolve the question completely before responding, to reduce the amount of back and forth required from the customer. In this masterclass, you'll learn how to find the perfect balance of when to lean on automations and personalisation to create exceptional experiences.

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