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Dotdigital Talk Ecommerce Marketing

Join Sarah Espir, Channel Relationship Manager EMEA at marketing automation platform Dotdigital, as she gives us the lowdown on different types of ecommerce automations, along with four unbeatable ecommerce marketing tactics for driving online sales.

Over to Sarah ...

What is ecommerce marketing?

Ecommerce marketing drives awareness, traffic and actions towards brands selling goods or services online. Using promotional tactics, the goal is to convert traffic into paying repeat customers.

It’s important to remember ecommerce marketing and digital marketing do not have to be mutually exclusive. There are a wide variety of channels and strategies that can be adopted.

Ecommerce strategy generally combines email marketing, social media, digital content, and search engines to attract customers.

An unbeatable benefit of email marketing is that it can be automated. Automation allows you to set up campaigns to run in the background while you work on your long list of marketing activities. It also enables you to create stronger connections with the help of advanced personalisation capabilities. Let's delver a bit deeper into this area of ecommerce marketing.

Essential ecommerce automations

Marketing automation is an essential element of an ecommerce marketing strategy. There are several core automation programs every ecommerce brand should build.

Welcome program

The welcome program is your first opportunity to introduce your brand to a new customer. After signing up for your mailing list, they must receive a prompt welcome email. Not only does this make readers feel appreciated, but it also makes your brand look active and professional.

It’s also a great opportunity to get to know your new customer. There’s no better time to do this than at this early stage of the relationship.

Abandoned cart automation

Never miss an opportunity to convert a website visitor into a paying customer with a well-timed and engaging abandoned cart email. Once an email subscriber adds an item to their shopping cart, you can automate a reminder to drive them back to your site to complete their purchase.

Users abandon carts for a lot of reasons. A well-crafted and frequently tested abandoned cart program will be able to resolve the blockers to conversion.

Post-purchase campaign

Post-purchase emails are one of the best ways to keep customers engaged after they’ve converted. When you engage customers after they’ve made a purchase, they’re more likely to become loyal, repeat customers. Consider sending customers information such as care tips for their new products or advice on how to utilise your services. This will help convince shoppers that you’re a trustworthy, customer-centric brand.

Feedback and review campaign

Feedback and review requests can often form part of your post-purchase campaign, but work brilliantly solo too. User-generated content is a must-have tactic in ecommerce marketing and one of the best resources for this is your review platform. Modern shoppers trust their peers’ opinions more than the promises of a brand. By collecting these opinions you’ll also be collecting an invaluable marketing resource.

Ecommerce marketing tips

There's an endless amount of ecommerce marketing tactics brands use to drive online sales. As technology advances, new tactics will emerge, but we’ve identified four unbeatable tactics you need to adopt today to drive real results.

#1 Personalisation

Customers want to be treated as individuals. Although we’ve had the tools to do so at our fingertips for

a while, personalisation is still a massively under-utilised marketing tactic among ecommerce brands. In fact, our Hitting the Mark report shows that 66% of brands still aren’t using even basic personalisation tactics!

Every ecommerce brand should be using personalisation and segmentation strategies. This will ensure you’re delivering personal and relevant content to every customer. As your tactics advance, you’ll be able to apply dynamic content and RFM segmentation tactics to drive repeat conversions from delighted customers.

#2 Customer experience

A staple that customers look for when deciding whether to shop – or shop again – with a brand.

Customers are looking for a brand that makes it as simple as possible to reach their goals and have their issues resolved quickly. The solution is simpler than you think.

Live chat on your ecommerce store empowers customers to reach out when a roadblock occurs. Your customer service agents can help resolve any issues, pre- or post-purchase, and leave customers with a long-lasting, positive impression of your brand.

#3 Omnichannel automation

As well as wanting to have a unique and individual experience with you, and having any problems resolved, shoppers also want a seamless, connected experience with your brand. For ecommerce marketers to achieve this, they need an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Identify key touchpoints in your customers’ journeys where you can transition the conversation to a new channel. For example, retargeting customers who’ve become unengaged with a personalised display ad is a great way to drive lapsed shoppers back to your site, whilst prompting shoppers with a location-based SMS about your pop-up shop is perfect for making spontaneous sales.

#4 Product recommendation

Make it as easy as possible for customers to discover the product they want.

Product recommendations can help ecommerce brands cross-sell and upsell products. They also have the added benefit of increasing average order value (AOV), sometimes by over 300%. Personalised, AI-powered recommendations that predict items to interest the shopper, all-but guaranteeing conversions.

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