COVID-19 Event Policy

In light of the ongoing nature of the COVID pandemic, we believe it is important that Swanky, as the event organiser of Ecommerce Unlocked, works towards ensuring the environment and event proceedings are conducted in a COVID-safe manner and according to the stage 4 events and attractions Government guidelines. 


This means Swanky will:


1 - Undertake a full risk assessment 

COVID-19 has been identified as a workplace hazard, and as such should be managed in the same way as other workplace hazards. Swanky will undertake a full risk assessment of the event in conjunction with the University of Exeter (the venue) in order to identify control measures that will be implemented. The full risk assessment will be available upon request.


2 - Turn away anyone with COVID-19 symptoms before they enter the venue

Staff will be located at the main entrance and will be asking everyone entering the venue if they have any COVID symptoms. Anyone who has a new, persistent cough; a high temperature; or loses/has changes to their sense of taste or smell, even if these symptoms are mild, will be asked not to enter the building. Swanky will also be communicating this message with delegates in advance, advising anyone with symptoms not to attend.


3 - Ask delegates to check into the venue or manually record their details

Upon arrival, delegates will be required to check in using the NHS Track and Trace app. Anyone unable to do this will be required to leave their details with the team on delegate registration.


4 - Provide adequate ventilation throughout

Wherever possible, ventilation will be maintained through all spaces. This will be through mechanical ventilation, such as the main lecture theatre, or through doors open wherever possible, such as in the expo space. 


5 - Wearing masks will be recommended but not required 

Swanky recommends that all attendees wear masks while indoors, however this will not be compulsory and asks that everyone respects those who choose to wear a mask inside the event. 


6 - Have a cleaning routine throughout the day

The venue will have cleaning staff in the building throughout the day. They will regularly check the bathrooms and also work to the touchpoint cleaning schedule that has been designed for all academic buildings and has been in use since March 2020.

7 - Communication and training of Swanky staff, speakers and tech partners

There will be a pre-event briefing for all staff, and pre-event communication with all attendees to share the contents of this policy and arrangements to ensure effective implementation.


How can you contact us?


If you have any questions, you can contact us at:



1 Barnfield Crescent 



United Kingdom